Family Statement

Dorothy Fairbairn was larger than life and a very big part of our family. She was the “Wild and Crazy Aunt” that we adored. With her mischievous smile and guttural laugh that was contagious, we loved her spirit and her unconventional ways. Even though her life was filled with adversity, hardship and pain, she faced all obstacles and challenges in life: head on. Never one to bend to the norm, she embraced who she was and trail blazed through life undaunted by those that tried to change her. Our Aunt lived life to the fullest, appreciated and accepted the uniqueness of everyone, and most importantly loved, and was loved unconditionally.     

- The Family of Dorothy Fairbairn

Director's Statement

I met Dorothy in 2004 when she hired me to be the caretaker of “her” apartment building in the Uptown neighborhood of Minneapolis, MN. She didn’t technically own the building, but having lived there for 25 years, she was certainly The Keeper of it. Our friendship formed quickly over “put hair on your chest” coffee, apple cobbler and peach cigars as she’d invite me in for breaks from vacuuming the hallway.

Over the years, Dorothy became one of my best friends—kind of a Maude to my Harold—as we had many adventures together including a road trip to New York City and seeing Joan Baez play at the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival in San Francisco. With Dorothy in the room (or the car), there was never a judgment, a dull moment or a dull story. Her many beloved friends and family can attest to that.

I made this film to give everyone the opportunity to hang out with Dorothy, be entertained by her outrageous personality and learn a little something about a history that soon won’t have witnesses. Mostly though, I wanted to honor a rare human being I feel so lucky to have known and smoked cigars with. 

- Allison Khoury